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Hybrid Vehicle AC Recharge and Auto AC Repair in S

Main Street Shell Service
1204 E Main St
Santa Maria, CA 93454
(805) 347-0076
Main Street Shell Service provides AC recharge and auto AC repair in Santa Maria six days per week, Monday through Saturday. If you happen to be one of those eco-friendly conservationists who have chosen to drive a hybrid vehicle, it probably comes asno surprise that unique and specialized care should be taken during a trip to the service shop for AC system service or repair. The reason for these extra precautions is due to the fact that many hybrid cars make use of a high voltage electronic power source which operates the A/C system. This type of electric design is much different than the belt-driven air conditioning systems of the past. When having this type of high voltage compressor operated system serviced, it’s necessary to use the appropriate type of non-conductive oil to prevent system contamination and to maintain the high dielectric integrity of the system. It is also mandatory that specially designed equipment, which has been certified for high voltage compressor service be used to avoid the chance of destructive and unnecessary repairs. The ASE certified AC service technicians at Main Street Shell Service execute A/C system refrigerant recovery, recycle, and recharge with the cutting edge, CPS FX134A Refrigerant Management System, which is intended to be used on both traditional and hybrid style AC systems. Stop by or give us a call today. We are located at 1204 East Main Street, right off the 101 freeway in Santa Maria.


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