CybCSec Cryptocoin Security Innovation
CybCSec is a brand new innovative cryptocurrency coin developed by the Scandinavian based company, CybCSec Solutions. Our team of industry-leading developers is some of the best in the Cyber Security sector. CybCSec Solutions are building several crypto-orientated security features for the End-User as well as a high user-friendly interface to ensure the best possible experience for every wallet holder.
Features such as; secure messaging, antivirus, intrusion sensors, and newly developed security-based innovations proprietary to the CybCSec coin,are just some of the features you will experience when you join our community. We have already implemented our smart contracts feature for more advanced users. In the near future, it will be presented in a much more user-friendly edition as well as the addition of a global ecosystem for e-commerce, Payment Gateways, Secure File Transfers and many other features.
CybCSec will be launching their ICO (Initial Coin Offering on August 3rd, where they will sell about 6 million coins out of their 250,000,000. Wallets will be available to download for users directly after the ICO is completed. To find out more about their exciting ICO please visit:

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